A Digital Neighborhood


EC Solutions is a technological solution to help Real Estate Developers achieve greater successes, by providing their residents with a user friendly, smart solution to bridge the gap of communication between them and the developers through mobile applications and IOT devices. EC Solutions provides a platform which has a wide range of features dedicated to making lives easier by enabling community based living with technology.



EC Solutions digitalizes all your residential compounds, providing facility management, entry management, and day to day operations; through easy and secure software programs to ensure that your business is reaching its maximum potential. We are simply enhancing the neighborhood experience and simplifying your role as a developer.



Social platform

Developed to offer the utmost of a luxurious living to compound residents, EC Solutions made a friendly platform for residents to communicate with each other, making the community bond stronger, bringing back the “neighborhood concept”. Not only will it ease the communication between residents, but between the management and the residents as well. As a developer, you can post any updates or news on the platform to be seen by everyone at once.


Entry management

Because safety is one of the most important things residents look for, EC solutions will provide you with an easy and secure entry management solution for residents, tenants, and visitors; to track all kinds of entries to make it a safer and a better controlled community.


Facility management

To help you ensure that the excellence of your community doesn’t end when homeowners move in, EC Solutions will provide you with an easy solution for facility management, service requests, and issues reporting and tracking.


Monitoring customer experience

Making data collection hassle free; EC Solutions provides you with the easiest monitoring features to track everything about your compound. Through our app, you will be able to monitor your residents’ experience through simple statistics and metrics, feedbacks, comments, polls and surveys.